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List by CloudScope

List by CloudScope is available on Microsoft AppSource.

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Tips and Tricks

  • List by CloudScope does not connect to Twitter. It displays existing data in your dataset using familiar Twitter styling.

  • There are six column types representing specific types of data, and one generic "data" type that can be used to show numeric, date, boolean or string data. The visualization can host multiple data columns.

    The first step in using the visual is to add columns from your data model and "map" them to these column types. It is not required to provide all of the column types. If you don't provide a column type it won't be displayed.

  • Data columns should be numeric, date, boolean or string data. The formatting follows Twitter format rules. For example, a value of 1,000,000 will be shown as "1M". A value of 100,000 will be shown as "100K". A value of 1,000 will be shown as "1,000".

    Dates also follow Twitter formatting, so dates from last year will display a year while dates from this year will not. Currently, there are no localization settings for this formatting.

  • The recommended size for the background image is 600w x 200h, which is a standard Twitter size. It will expand to fill the width of your visual. Other sizes may work, but we haven't spent time testing with non-standard sizes. Try to keep the aspect ratio close to 3:1.

  • The recommended size for the profile image is 48 x 48 or 72 x 72, which are standard Twitter sizes. You can use other sizes, but square images work best because of the "rounded" styling we use for display.


To open a support ticket for List by CloudScope, please send an email message to support@cloudscope.io describing your problem. We'll get back to you!

To suggest a new feature or to request assistance developing your own custom visual, please contact us at info@cloudscope.io.