Why is this visual uncertified?

Customers have been using and enjoying certified visuals by CloudScope for years. But now, CloudScope visuals are uncertified. Why is that?

New Microsoft Policies for Certified Visuals

Recently, Microsoft has changed the way they interpret the security requirements for certified visuals. In order to protect customer security and privacy, certified visuals can no longer make external requests. The specific rule states:

1200.1.3 Code security
Your source code should comply with all security and privacy policies.
Source code must be safe and not pass or transmit customer data externally.

CloudScope visuals have never made external requests on their own. However, our visuals commonly display images, which are accessed via a url provided in a customer's dataset.

This access is no longer allowed in certified visuals, even when the url is provided by the report author, linking to an image under the control of the report author. No exceptions are made for intranets or other secure networks.

What's next?

CloudScope will be releasing both certified and uncertified versions of its visuals.

  • Certified versions will be limited to only displaying internal images. These are images stored in base64 format, or svg text format. All links to http/https urls will be rejected.
  • Uncertified versions will be able to access images in all locations, including http/https urls.

If you disagree with Microsoft's policy, please Vote for our Power BI Idea!. We think that report authors can best decide the safety needs of their report viewers.