Power BI custom visualization

Data Image by CloudScope

Bring relevant data-bound images to Power BI

Data Image by CloudScope is a free custom visualization for Power BI. It's available for download on Microsoft AppSource.

Version 1.2.2 This version introduces new field types. Because of this addition, you must re-associate your url image fields for the visual to display. These fields are:

  • Image url: The url to your image.
  • Image title: Will display this message on mouse over of the image.
  • Action url: If provided, user will open a browser to this url on image click.

Note: An issue has been reported where some image urls will not display, due to the url encoding that this version is using. A new version 1.2.4 is being prepared, but approval times by Microsoft can be lengthy. Please contact support if you'd like to receive a beta version of this visual.

Tips and Tricks

  • The visualization is designed to show images from a single data record. If your result set includes more than one data record, only the image from the first record will be shown.

  • The data field that you associate with your Data Image visualization should contain a URL to an image. The image URL should be accessible to the person viewing your report.

    If your report is viewed only inside of your organization, then an intranet URL is fine. If users outside of your organization will view your report, then the image should be accessible over the Internet.

  • The option to display rounded images works best with images that are square.

  • The image will fill the horizontal size of the visualization window. This means than the image may be stretched or shrunk to display at the requested horizontal size.

  • The vertical size of the image will be whatever is required to maintain the original aspect ratio with the current horizontal size. If the current window's vertical space is not large enough to display at the current requested size, the image's vertical display will be clipped.

  • If you are publishing your report to PDF or Powerpoint, the image url MUST be publicly accessible (i.e. on the Internet). The Power BI app in the cloud needs to be able to access this image during publishing.


To open a support ticket for Data Image, please send an email message to support@cloudscope.io describing your problem. Please provide a link to the image if possible, or a description of the image type. You can verify whether Power BI can display the image by using the grid/table control to verify.

To suggest a new feature or to request assistance developing your own custom visual, please contact us at info@cloudscope.io.