Demo Overview

This is a live demo of CloudScope Analytics for Twitter.

In this demo, you're a social media manager for @HBO, a major cable and satellite telivision network.

Note: HBO is not a customer of CloudScope and provides no endorsement.

Customer needs

As a social media manager, you'd like to:

  • Track which Tweets are generating the most engagement among your social media audience.
  • Understand your followers so you can build your audience, and measure this growth over time.
  • Track your competition. We'll compare our Twitter activities to those at Netflix, an online media network.
  • Uncover hidden data about your Twitter presence that will help you be more effective.

Solution requirements

For any analytics solution to be effective, it must:

  • Be easy to use and understand
  • Be flexible, and allow users to easily modify reports or buld new ones.
  • Handle data for enterprises of all sizes. Here, @HBO has nearly 2 million followers.

Demo Sign In

The user name is "user"
The password is "password"